Capturing the moment...

I've been taking photographs all my life.

It's something of an obsession.

For many years I've found myself being drawn to nature capturing dramatic landscapes.

I've not known why or what I'd be doing with them.

My natural inclination is to explore.

To search.

To be curious.

As a result I've found myself in a diverse mix of places.

From Outer Mongolia and Colombia to Cuba,Texas and Argentina.

Over time I've  taken hundreds of landscapes.

All black and white.

All natural, powerful and dramatic.

They tell a story. 

The process of seeing a photograph, framing it and capturing the moment involves dedicated focus.

When I'm making photographs I'm oblivious to distraction.

I'm aware of my breathing.

It’s meditative.

I've become aware that, for me, the act of making images is (itself) a Mindful exercise.

I'm wholly present.

In a world of my own.

I love the sensation and the spirit of the action.

At one with the universe.

Curating and creating.

Capturing moments in time forever.