NOW.Be present. is a well-being company that focuses on mindful living. Being in nature drives us to do everything we can to care for and celebrate the environment.

Responsibility is a priority. We strive to be a sustainable, ethical business and to mitigate our impact on the environment.
Our respect for the planet we share is central to every business decision we make. For us, sustainability means making choices that are kind to the planet and thinking about how each small action has an impact.
We can’t promise to get everything right, but for you, us, and the planet we will keep on searching for new, better ways to be environmentally responsible. Here’s some of the things that we are doing:


Water-based eco inks.
We use eco-friendly inks across our collection that are free from toxic chemicals.

Sustainably sourced paper 
Wood and pulp are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Sustainably managed forests meet the needs of wildlife, while supporting livelihoods, providing many other ecosystem services, such as carbon storage and flood risk mitigation.

Local fulfilment
We strive to reduce carbon emissions by sourcing local production and delivery options where possible. Local fulfilment makes more sense, as it reduces carbon emissions. The beauty of this is that orders are printed as close as possible to our customers.

Plastic-free means less things go to landfill. Some plastics take up to 450 years to break down. That is having a devastating impact on the planet. Not just in business, but in our daily lives, we have pledged to try to be plastic free. This means being more mindful of what we purchase and how we dispose of items we no longer need. Wherever possible, we avoid using plastics.  

Recycled content
We use products with the highest possible recycled content in our eco-friendly range.