The start of something new...

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Covid March 2020.

It was during this crazy challenging time that James and I created NOW. Be Present. 

Lockdown was tough. 

We spoke to many friends, and they seemed to be sharing the same experience. 

I live on my own. Within a matter of weeks, I was devoid of family, friends and unable to see my partner.

That was the hardest part.

Being a sociable person the lack of company. The closure of places I spent time. 

Work ceased. 

The end of my routine. The abrupt end.

The loneliness of all the things that filled my time. The divorce from daily life.

Life as we knew it had stopped in its tracks.

After the initial shock and coming to terms with what was happening, I began to form a new routine.

It was a routine that saved me from a black hole. 

I have always loved being outdoors in nature. From an early age I had been lucky enough to be surrounded by trees and to swim in the sea. 

It was here in nature that I sought freedom from what was happening with Covid.

It kept me going.

Gym & yoga sessions in the park.

Hikes & cycling.

The parks and outdoors were packed with people.

A place of freedom.

A lifeline for so many people.

Nature was always there. Always giving.

Alongside the great outdoors, daily journaling and placing powerful, meaningful words in places I could see them.  That I would keep coming back to.

Timely reminders that this was momentary, and it would pass.

London was silent. Like time stood still.

This strange stillness for a city so vibrant.

The silence settled.

Everything ground to a halt.

Riding my bike in the middle of streets that would normally be full of city traffic

I had never seen the Thames so quiet, not one boat in sight.

Days became weeks.

Weeks turned into months.

Yet, nature continued her path.

Perhaps guiding us we like to think.

To give us strength.

To challenge us when we are faced with adversity.

We can be flexible and adapt to changes like nature shows us.

As strange as Covid was, it was the birth of something new.

Through Covid and now more than ever, we need each other.

In some small way we hope that NOW. Be present. will play a part in highlighting this.

We are not sure where this journey will take us. We are open to everything.

We created NOW. Be present. to bring mindfulness and the beauty of nature into everyday life.

Using powerful single words to highlight what is important and by creating space in our lives giving us pause for thought on what we value.

James’ images were taken during trips to many countries over many years and show the beauty of a world we all share.

We hope in some way they highlight the importance of the power of nature and mindful living.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Jacqueline & James x